Saturday, September 11, 2010

The funniest speech ever.

Since we know our favorite couple must be getting some serious privacy, might I offer you a laugh? I never ask people to look at this kind of thing. It's worth it.

This guy is simply announcing his candidacy for county treasurer. I have never laughed at at political speech if that is what it can be called. The best is around 4:20

I promise to blog about R/K soon.


  1. haha this is hilarious this real? if so what exactly was he on? lmao

    To me, no news is good news..privacy, safe and sound that makes me happy..whenever its calm like thus something BIG follows thats the pattern in Robstenland.


  2. Oh WOW this guy needs some meds! I'm still checking your blog every couple of days...and you left a message on my tumblr awhile ago that you would be looking at it, so I'm letting you know I changed the site address for my tumblr to Thanks for looking! Twitter name is now tiybor (acronym), used to be frayo... :)