Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back the eff of Kristen

I don't have time for more than paragraph this morning. I am just pleased to see Kristen wearing the Beasty Boys T-shirt that we last saw Rob wearing in Montreal.
It doesn't matter when the picture was taken, or who the shirt belongs too.

This 20 year girl takes way too much hate from grown women, who disgust me, and who should know better. Leave Kristen alone, "get off her dick."

I hope Kristen knows that the number of people that love her, for exactly who she is, far exceeds the small, yet vocal, group of fringe lunatics that promote hate.


  1. Amen! It amazes me how cruel woman are. We want guys to treat us good, but we need to work on how we treat each other.

  2. Agree, Jessica~ Jealousy and hatred make a woman look bad. We should work more hard on our inner beauty.

    Monica from Asia

  3. I would love for Rob and Kristen to read your blog. It is so special. I think they would be honored by it. Also, I truly hope that someday you get to meet Kristen. Keep blogging and we will keep reading!

  4. coulndt have said it better if I tried. Fringe lunatics indeed