Sunday, September 12, 2010

A recap, roadtrip to see Kristen

Last week was kind of interesting. We saw the script flipped on the American tradition of traveling across of Europe. Some of us were lucky enough get to do this after graduating college. I wasn't one of the lucky ones. There are some major differences in what some of us got to do in Europe as opposed what Robert and his pals did --- but it's still an experience that you do with your close friends, when you are young and not tied down with a 9-5 job.

It's a shame that while in Texas, they stopped in Lubbock, where I went to college, and got surrounded by gawking sorority girls after someone announced his whereabouts on Facebook.

Then they next stopped in Austin, where I lived for the past decade, and basically had an entire bar to themselves. I am proud of my neighbors for letting them have some peace. It was a slow night in Austin, but even if it wasn't, we are used to seeing celebrities here. ****Austin is on any musicians radar, plus we have a respectable film industry here. I am sure he will be back. Last spring, Kristen was here for a screening of The Runaways, plus she enjoyed several bands during the SXSW Film/Music/Interactive festival. I had a comment the upcoming Austin City Limits festival, but I going to hold that thought for now****

Young Americans are not tweeted about when they board a train in London bound for Amsterdam or every time they walk into a pub. Rob was very gracious, as Rob and Kristen always are, to people that ask for a picture. I know its awesome that they do that, but I have already said my piece about autograph/picture seekers.

I have driven from Las Vegas to Central Texas and its not something I plan to repeat. It's not really that fun of a drive, but I was in a hurry then and I have spent my life making road trips. Rob, on the other hand, had not had that experience and I am sure it was a blast for those guys. Plus, I am sure he got to see his incredible girlfriend (the one and only Kristen Stewart) after the long trek. If i were in Rob's position there is little i would not endure to see her. I think he might feel that way.

I am not interested in debating the non believers and for the most part I don't think they read this. I am just going off common sense here. The last confirmed sighting of Rob was Thursday (or was it Wednesday) in Houston. People don't drive from LA to Houston for the heck of it. The Road trip was a means to an end. Robert needed to kill a few days until Kristen could break away from work.
Thus his gracious friends joined him on a road trip. If seeing Kristen was not the carrot, then they would not have turned South, IMO.

Also, since they were traveling by car, it was much easier for Rob to avoid the paparazzi as he neared Kristen. I am very pleased that there hasn't been any news ( as of this writing).

I can't look at pap pictures again without feeling very guilty about it. So even if a picture surfaces of them smiling and holding hands, i will not react and try my damnedest not to look at it. If I celebrate such pictures, then I have no right to complain the next time the paps are rude to the happy couple. This is a position I will hold myself too, but I am not going to preach at anyone else about it. We have to come to these conclusions on our own.

I said this on Friday (not here) but hearing nothing about Rob & Kristen since Friday is a good thing. To me, and many of you, we know they are enjoying each others company.

One more thing I want to mention briefly before signing off. It's football season. I am occupied for the most part Friday through Sunday. I have my nephew's HS school games and then I have interest in many college and pro games Saturday and Sunday. And I am diehard Dallas Cowboys fan. I spend time handicapping the games beforehand, and I am small time gambler on the weekends. No. I am not gambling addict. I bet small on many games. I have a weekly budget of how much I am willing to lose and I stop if/when that limit is reached. That being said, I have come out ahead the last three years. I mentioned this for one reason. I don't have as much time to follow R/K. So I need a favor.

No news is good news as I said earlier. If something happens (on Saturday or Sunday) that you think i would want to know about, would someone please DM me on Twitter or leave a comment on this blog. Either action will send me an email and I always know when I get a new message. I will be very grateful for this.

BTW: As I said earlier, I don't think many hateful people read this blog. But if such a person were to leave a comment here that i don't like, it WILL be DELETED before anyone has a chance to see it. It's only happened once so far. (So if you don't like what you read here, just go away, you are not welcome).

I wish all of you a great week.

Back to the games. Take care.


  1. Oh how I love it that you are a male fan of Kristen and supportive of her and Rob's relationship. My husband is a believer but he thinks I'm a hopeless and helpless romantic and a bit obsessive myself. Yes, I also believe Rob and Kristen are together somewhere and I don't need pics to prove what my heart already knows. As for football, my husband is also a gambler, and not small time at that. I've never seen him spend more time studying anything else more than the football games, both college and NFL. If only he studied as much in college. LOL. Anyways, good luck to you this season and I hope you come out ahead again. And of course, love and happiness to Rob and Kristen!!

    Kim from Houston, TX

  2. I do not have any R/K updates to pass along, but did want to say thank you for your writings. I do enjoy them.

  3. Thanks for your blog!! I enjoy it very much! Tweeted with you briefly last night :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

    @jenniferrhines in VA :)

  4. This blog is great !!! Thank you for loving Kristen soo much!! No news so far =)

  5. Have I you told you lately that I love you? lol No seriously, you're the best. Spot on commentary a usual. You "get it". And you're a guy. Imagine that. So glad you're to have you has a positive, sane voice in this fandom. I adore Kristen and am glad you do too. Will keep you posted if I can.

  6. Soy de Mexico
    y he visitado tu sitio varias veces
    leo el ingles pero me es dificil escribirlo
    me encanta que seas un fan de Robsten y lo mejor que seas hombre!!!!

    eso es encantador
    dejame decirte que no eres el unico hombre que cree que ellos son pareja y los apoya

    Gracias por mantener este sitio
    Silvia de Mexico

  7. We need no pics to prove that Rob was OTRtrip to see his bbgirl Kris, and Kim said "our hearts know they are TOGETHER somewhere".Dano you are amazing! And i'm sure you will receive a lot of DM to give you details about what's happening in RKland!

  8. Hey there Opy...As always such a pleasure to come here and have a read.....Your words are always heart felt....LFDU

  9. Yes, no news is good news. I'm glad that they're enjoying some peace.

    I seriously suspect that Kristen has a bunch of closet guy fans following her, though they may not be vocal like participating in discussion on blogs or forums.

    How about other commentators? Do you have guy friends like Kristen? I'm really curious.

    Monica From Asia

  10. There are a couple of comments from men on other post. She is not a bimbo, so the common man may not be smart enough to understand what's so irresistible about Kristen.

  11. Hi!

    There are some news (pics)! Take a look: