Thursday, November 4, 2010

My email exchange with Anne Rice

To my surprise, Anne Rice responded to my email just a few hours later.


First a qualifying statement, I have read all of the "chronicles" and you were my favorite author between the early to mid 1990s. Last year or the year before, despite all the negativity surrounding "Blood Canticle" I very much enjoyed it the audio version of that one, which is the likely end to the series. I hope you write a few more. My favorite was the Marius book.

Anne, I don't think you understand Stephanie Myers fictional universe well enough to make the comment regarding "immortals in high school." Perhaps you have this confused with the "Vampire Diaries": a television show show targeted to a high school audience and very much centered around high school.

Vampires in Twilight's paradigm don't go to high school. Only the small coven, which refers to themselves as a family, attends high school. This small group is living a life of sacrifice. They resist human blood. They don't kill. They are outcast among the vampire society, which has no respect for human life. This small group, the Cullens, seek to live among humans and to be of service if possible. They are trying to convince the humans they live among that they are also human. The coven leader, or father, is a doctor. His wife is an architect. The other six were made immortal at a young age. To blend in and not be discovered, it's necessary for them to attend high school. They move every five years or so and start over.

Anne, with your conversion to Christianity, I would think you would admire this group of vampires who seek to be as human as possible AND above all be of NO HARM to humans.

Your comment seemed judgmental and misinformed.

Austin, Tx

from Anne Rice
to Dan XXXX
date Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 12:50 AM
subject Re: Mischaracterization of Twilight

hide details 12:50 AM (9 hours ago)

My comments were strictly based on the movies.
In every interview I always state that I have not read the
books, and I have seen only two films.
The interview was concerned with the deeper meaning of "the vampire" in literature and film.
I was offering my opinion on the question of immortals,
immortal sensibilities and how we imagine them.
I have always wished Miss Meyer every success with
her books, and enjoy acknowledging her accomplishments.
I don't really understand why these remarks got so much attention.
I've explained my feelings about all this before.
And frankly, I don't think my feelings one way or the other
about Twilight are very important.
I'm asked about it over and over and over and over.
There is a value to telling the truth in an interview.
Thanks for your letter.


there was also a follow up email. I went to her website and see that as of July, she has left organized religion. She still celebrates Christ, but not "The Church." Turns out she and I have similar views on that subject.


  1. Wow, thanks for posting. I like AR quote:"There is a value to telling the truth in an interview." Yes there is, that is the reason I bother to read interviews. Which reminds me about the very sad moment in Kristen's life (and I shered her pain) when her being honest in the interview with ELLE magazine caused her so much pain. Sharing your inner soul, your worries with masses proved to be a trap. I am happy AR still defends the right to tell the truth. But , A R is an independed being, complete . It is a luxury I hope Kristen will enjoy one day.

  2. I live in the Bible Belt and honestly I never thought about the books not being allowed at schools here because of the sexual content in the books as Bella and Edward are married when that happens.
    I know here Harry Potter is considered bad and not to be read or watched by children here because of the the Mythical part, also the Edward wanting Bella to have an abortion "a big no no", this is a problem here.These books are not in our school library's. I often wonder if SM suffers with the same thoughts with her religion. It would be hard to believe the ethics that are in this small community, alot of places here are still dry, this means no alcohol is sold. My 18yr. old son read all the books, I left them out and I know he has read them. He would never admit to it, and I do not think most parents would let their children come here if they knew how into these books, movies, and actors I am. Our house is for sale and we will be moving back to North Fl if it ever sells,I do not quite fit in here.

  3. Opy i am so glad you wrote to Anne...may i add that its a lovestory so all the vamp in highschool does nothing to me....i am sure she gets annoyed with being always asked about twilight constantly i dont know whether she was misquoted but she did say that....anyway, back to Rob and must see the new pics from brazil...


  4. I am not current on anything R/K that's happened since Thursday or Friday. I was bothered by the airport scene and the standing outside their hotel. I know that the people in Brazil love them, but its gotta be overwhelming for R/K. I hope these new pictures aren't predatory. I'll know shortly.

  5. Nice picture with the waving. I am sure that really pisses the haters off. Lol

  6. I can imagine that it must get annoying to be asked about something you are not particulary interested in over and over like you should have an opinion but since I have no idea what her quote was, I want comment on it. but I appriciate the honesty quote. and the fact, she replied

    I loved the balcony pics, since to me it seemed like they went out on purpose (well, that is my story and Im sticking to it ;). and the filming pics? yeah, not for the faint of heart :D Im still grinning