Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last entry for now

There are about 50+ entries on this blog.   I am going to leave it up but I just wanted to put one last one out there if for no other reason than to keep the previous entry from being the last one.

I write this post with the hope that I am wrong.  A few people I trust think this is all BS, but others I trust feel pretty darn certain its accurate.   If the first group is right, I'll gladly eat some crow.

I still have a deep admiration for Kristen and probably always will.  I had pretty much shut the blog down last spring well before the drama of July, but then added a few entries to show support.
I always identified with her quirks and personality traits and her introverted side.  When she gives an interview, you can tell there is so much going on in her brain and its difficult sometimes to make a point when her brain is processing 10 other possibilities that she feels shouldn't be ignored.   That's why interviews are not the easiest thing for her because there is a rarely a simple answer to the questions she is asked.  I think think the girl borders on genius.  

Real Life has been a real bitch for me over the past year.   Most of us probably end up with 10 friends who
we really consider close at one point or another.  Three of them died in the past 12 months.

I don't know what is going on now and will probably never find out.  Any media that would bother covering the personal lives of celebrities are bottom feeders that rely on unnamed sources.  Before the Internet, brick
and mortar newspapers would very rarely use an anonymous source.   And I'll credit the hard news side of media for having tougher standards, but when it comes to sports and celebrities, there is not one single media outlet that has a code of ethics any more.

Kristen never wanted this kind of fame but she learned to adapt to it and might have made a few mistakes along the way.   I thought Robert was good for her as their personalities meshed from what I could see.
I try very hard to ignore celebrity culture and the coverage of it, but that's hard to do when you want to hear about a specific individual.  

If there is any silver lining to this maybe breakup, possibly the scum that chase them everyday will lose interest. But first, if they don't get back together, it will be all about who they see first.   I have always despised this form of entertainment and those that work in it.   Those of you who work for any gossip outlet, or chase people with cameras, you truly are the lowest form of humans we have today.  Entertainment Weekly is probably the one exception.

I feel confident we will see her win an Academy Award someday.   I wish Rob luck too.  These two will always bleed for each other.  It may not be over, but it would be so much easier for them if we the public didn't care.  Neither one of them covet fame.   The stupidest accusations her detractors put out there was that she somehow coveted media & paparazzi attention.  I am sorry, but if you hold that opinion you are very stupid.   She spends most of her time trying to avoid media attention.

My parting shot at the nonstens: are you gleefully happy?  Well good, but you were wrong from day one.
You know this was never PR, but now you will try and claim the contract just ended.
How arrogant to think you have some type of right to influence a person's life.  You are just as low as the paparazzi, with your letter writing campaigns and protests.    You will forever taint Rob's career for the crazy stunts you pulled over the years.   Your hatred of Kristen came down to pure jealously.  You thought she wasn't that much prettier than you and thus not deserving of the guy who wanted her badly.   The truth is Kristen is one of those women who just get more beautiful with age and life experience.  There is not one woman in Hollywood I would pick over her.

I was drawn to her un-voluntarily.  She was the first and will be the last celebrity I pay attention to, and I will miss allot of of because I can't stomach what I have to filter through to learn what is new about her.

I sat back and watched what was willingly made available with the best content being created for the promotion.  

I don't know if this the end of her relationship or not.   I would not be surprised if its back on eventually as the man in question has made some statements about love never being temporary.   But sometimes its not enough to sustain a relationship.  We have seen how intense they felt for each other through legitimate means.  The best stuff came from the promotion.

I'll leave comments open, but its moderated.  If you are a hater, then fuck off because no one will read a word of what you have to say.   If you just want to communicate with me, use the Kontact button and you have the option to send me an anonymous (or non-anonymous) email.  I will still use the twitter account @dano328 but its going to be mixed more and more with Arsenal stuff.

The blog history is there, so if you want to know my thoughts on Kristen, just browse through it.  My opinions have not changed since I first discovered her.   Like Rob, it was her part in "Into the Wild" that put her at the top of my list.

Take Care,



  1. You made me cry! i couldn't agree more with you! Nonnies are tainting Rob's career, it's just unbearable what they do or write (sites,blogs, tumblr,twitter...). They are sick and Rob does not deserve this kind of fans.

    It's funny how Kristen brought Rob to their life and they hate her so much. It's because of Rob that I love and admire Kristen a lot, she's the unique (female) celebrity that I care about, I have no interest in another one. No matter what's going on, I'm here for her too, I'm going nowhere!

    Thanks, I'll miss your lovely and amazing words!

    A hug huge for you my friend. Can I call you friend? Kristen brought wonderful people to my life, even if they don't know me (like you)! :)

    I have no kids, and will never have, but THAT girl is like a daughter to me! Love her!

  2. dear dan, thank you for writing once again. i always visit your blog to see if you have written something new. i love kristen and i will always support her. if the breakup is true, then maybe something good will come out of it. both are still young and they would still meet a lot of people in their lives. maybe they just need a break to see what they would be missing or not. but deep inside, i would always pray that they still end up together. once again, thank you. will always continue to ancticipate what you will be writing next.

  3. Thank you for writing this and I became a fan of Kristen over the last 5 yrs and she will always be a sweetheart and so shy and gracious to her fans.I wish her only the best and pray that she finds peace and happiness and most importantly love from a good man who will cherish and look out for her.

  4. Dan, Thank you for posting at this "difficult" time for us R & K fans. You have always been and remain a CLASS ACT!!! I feel almost like I know you just because we have the love for Kristen in common. That's what has happened in many cases with this crazy fandom.

    Like RKsoulmates, I have no children and feel "grandmotherly" towards Kristen & Rob. I only want the best for them and trust their judgment in choosing a mate. As much as we "love" seeing them love each other, as you said ... sometimes love isn't enough.

    Take care and hope we meet again soon ... here or at another blog that we both frequent.


  5. THANK YOU! I am too devoted to Kristen and will support her forever.

  6. I don't want to do a new entry. I'm curious who goes through these comments and decides to respond.

    A couple weeks ago, I saw r pictured with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix and I get the feeling in the pit of my gut. I've never seen any reason to think Vaughn's personality to be little different than his character in Swingers. I know less about Joaquin. I'll stop short of calling these two womanizer's. This conquest notion is why I think Nonnie's are so confident Rob wouldn't settle for Kristen. Can you imagine how many guys have looked at Rob since July and questioned his manhood.

    I keep switching between thinking this isn't really a permanent split to thinking it is, One thing is for certain, they had something rare. Many people don't get to experience that. Many have long term relationships where they are just living a life of convenience and the expected pattern. Sex without emotion doesn't feel that pit in your stomach. You might feel a since of accomplishment but its gone the next day. I could keep rambling but I'll say something I regret. I may delete this little comment.

    1. "A couple weeks ago, I saw r pictured with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix and I get the feeling in the pit of my gut" ~> My sentiments exactly...especially the Asian guy(who was with them too) who seems to be 'friends' with Paris Hilton.

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  8. Hey Dan, Greetings from Paraguay. Southamerica! I just want to tell you that your blog is the only calm place i find now on twitter. These R&Ks ups and downs have been really mortifying and i really enjoy reading what you have to say. So please for our own sake, dont delete it. I've been kristen and Robs fan since panic room and harry potter and i'll always be not matter what. They were the only people who made my heart melt, the only ones who are so down to earth not matter how much money and fame they have. I'LL be delighted to continue reading your blog. Un abrazo!

  9. Hi Dan, I too was brought to tears by your letter. It was all the thoughts and feelings I have held in for the past few days. It is truly a place of peace to come here and read that I am not alone in how a feel about these two people. The way our Society treats other human beings without compassion for their own gain, retelling lie after lie is heartbreaking. I'll always keep Kristen and Rob close to my heart no matter what. I have learned a great deal from them and the people who love them. Life is short and love a gift. No matter where life takes them, that love will always be there and we "angels" will watch lovingly from a distance.