Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Summer. And a contradiction among some fans

I apologize for not updating (AGAIN)! Whenever I don't really have anything to say and I force a post, it's usually not that fun of a read. The posts that people enjoy are always spur of the moment reactions (to attacks on Kristen) that take very little time to write. This isn't one of those.

I have been busy but this week i am on vacation so my list of excuses is limited.

Kristen is one busy little bee. She is doing all sorts of physical stuff to get ready for this action movie, Snow White and the Huntsmen. It's a new experience for her and you know she is a perfectionist. Plus, though she isn't officially part of K11, I am guessing she is very involved. Who knows if she is actually going to be in that film but I suspect she is helping her mother quiet a bit.

I definitely had some preconceptions about Snow White and it didn't seem like a "Kristeny" type of selection. Yes, I am stealing that term from Michael Welch. I felt pretty certain she wouldn't play a damsel in distress. Unless that damsel fights back. I have read a few articles that say this movie is going to be very Kristenified. She is a gem and decision makers in Hollywood know that she is capable of delivering a great performance. I think she must be very excited about this. She has said more than once, that when it comes to selecting roles, the criteria is that it must make her feel as if she can't imagine the movie being made without her. Not as if others can't do the job, but she has to want it that bad, else it isn't worthwhile. So I have faith that this movie will be good. She is already working on it.

Yes I really enjoyed the spandex. I usually have a bit more restraint, especially to paparazzi shots, but when I saw those pics, my impulsive side got the best of me. I hardly ever tweet, yet I have tweeted about Kristen's butt a few times. I have always had a weakness for a pretty face. Combined with nice posterior and I am goner. I used to do Yoga at a beginners level.
It was always a challenge to get through those sessions if the girl in front of me had a nice backside. I would have to move to the front so I couldn't see anyone, else risk embarrassment.

I don't know if Kristen was actually doing Yoga, but whatever it is --- you take an already hot body and start doing Yoga or weight training --- things get even rounder and firmer. There is a lucky guy out there somewhere who also has the same level of appreciation for this best part of the female form

Change of Topic: And this is probably the real reason I haven't posted in awhile. I knew I would have to speak my mind. Some people might take offense. I have been biting my tongue for awhile. Please keep in mind that no one is being singled out. For the most part, this doesn't happen by those I follow on Twitter. But a Twitter search "Rob Kristen" shows all sorts of whining.

Waiting/Expecting/demanding a picture is wrong. I don't wish to judge people. And I know seeing their smiling faces is a potent mood elevator. Being dependent on this vicarious experience just isn't healthy. Plus, how can you want something you know they don't want

If a picture of Kristen with Robert happens, thats one thing. There is still the debate of creating a market for paparazzi. But in this case, I am referring to the unhealthy need for such pictures.

I said I will not discuss her personal life any more (though my opinions have not changed.) I am breaking that because some fan behavior is contradictory to wishing happiness for them. Kristen has said for a long time now that she didn't want to share this part of her life. Robert has said the same. So when they get to spend time together without being seen -- that is exactly what they want. As fans we should be happy they are getting what they want. What makes the two so appealing that even a few guys think what they have is really cool? A huge part of it is the anti-famewhore mentality. This distinguishes them and demonstrates that what they have is genuine. They want to see each other without being seen. What we saw on their last two public outings should have been more than enough reassurance and we aren't entitled to any. Hoping for a paparazzi shot "just so we can see how happy they are" is just wrong. The need for reassurance is annoying and unhealthy.

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  1. Very well-said! People forget they aren't SIMS characters that they want to manipulate, they forget they are real people sometimes. And the demanding attitude is just unsavory to watch.

  2. Hi Dan. As always, eloquent, articulate and spot on. Was just having a conversation with friends on the exact subject of your closing paragraph. It is not being an especially positive "fan" when one is begging, taunting and enabling the paparazzi and various other stalkers to bring information about Rob and/or Kristen to the public forum. If someone is so fairweather and unsure of their faith and assurance in people they claim to "Love", "worship", etc, then seriously these folks ought to re-evaluate what being "a supporter" really means for them. Because the pleading and wishing for Rob and Kristen to be captured on film outside of their contractual obligations (despite countless insistence from BOTH R & K that they will not share their private lives) as reassurance is definitely NOT supportive. Oh and SWATH...? I think it's going to be in.cred. Definitely Kristenified. I'm behind on a few of your posts, but I'm so happy to have a subscription to your words. Its like I have my own library of calmness at my disposal, which is always good. Take care, my friend. xo, KJ

  3. This is a good, mature and responsible article and a very respectful one for Robert and Kristen.

  4. You are so right......how can we want something that Rob and Kristin don't want. If we don't see them together when they are together than that is the way they want it. How can we pout and throw a hissy fit about that? I love seeing them together, I do. It makes me sigh when I catch them holding hands, an almost kiss, a nibble on the ear all while at a public function. But you are right...their private life is for them only and I so respect and love that about them!

  5. Perfect post, you always say just the right thing, Dan. I wasn't whining on Twitter but am guilty of loving seeing the photos of them together. I believe if this "craziness" continues, eventually they'll leave the spotlight and he'll write and she'll direct or something else. Would be a shame, feel they are both very talented in acting, music and I'm sure they have more talents we don't know about.

  6. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the pictures that do happen. I certainly wasn't saying there was something wrong with that. The premieres and the movie awards --- those are the best pictures anyway. And there is nothing wrong with fan pics that they agree to. I saw a few tweets in which paps were being pleaded with to locate Kristen and get a picture. That is the extreme of what I have a problem with.

  7. Hello, I just found your blog and appreciate your mature & thoughtful (& occasionally lusty) commentary! I too was not aware of this whole pop-culture-celebrity phenomenon until I happened to see "Twilight" on Showtime about 6 mos. ago, found it entertaining enough but enjoyed the chemistry most of all - & then watched "Adventureland" - that film did it for me, at the point where dark, deep "Em" lets out a sob while waiting in her car to break if off with "Connell" - that sob alone summed up some obsessive, life-sucking days from my 20's! And, poof, I became a Kristen Stewart follower.

    I believe that the younger fans feel they need the pap photos with Kristen & Robert to fight off the persistent Nonsten Nonsense - those people are unbelievably venomous! I do think we all need to prepare ourselves for the possibility that this relationship may not last given the pressures of their young age, career, & publicity - I wish the best for both of them regardless of what transpires, and I hope other fans will do the same! Cheers, and keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks Anon. Your experience is very similar to mine. See Feb 19th entry if you have time and you will see just how similar. It was Twilight on Showtime and then Into the Wild that sealed it. This was before I read about Rob seeing Into the Wild before his audition. Now Adventureland is probably my favorite movie of hers. I agree with your caution. I would not lose any sleep but seeing the collective depression would not be fun. They have made it through this much so there is room for optimism. I just hope the degree of interest wanes to a level that Kristen and Robert don't mind so much

  9. Your Feb 19th post was right-on! I've been a fan of a few musicians/singer-songwriters enough to read message boards & google the latest news...but never did that for an actor...until now. "Into the Wild" was about my 4th of her films - it may be her most solid film to date - for me, it falls between the slow-indie-dramas (which I so enjoy) and the mainstream-crowd-pleasers. She & the whole ensemble did superbly, made the story gut-wrenching. (I ordered the DVD and read the book immediately afterwards.) "Yellow Handkerchief" is another top pick for me due to the cinematography & performances, and the fact that I'm a sucker for a Road Movie. (it made Roger Ebert's 10 best "art films" list http://bit.ly/gPQCWd ) "WTTR" & "Cake Eaters" & "Runaways" knocked me out too. Her indie films are just so interesting.

    Speaking of Road Movies, got spoiled over the last 6 months doing catch-up on the Stew Archive (must have seen a dozen of them) - so I'm getting kind of anxious/obsessed waiting for "On the Road" to be released. And knowing that it probably won't play within 50 miles of my podunk town, so I'll have to wait for pay-per-view or DVD release. Happy Obsessing - you are not alone!