Friday, June 10, 2011

In response to "Rich Hippies"

This is part of what Lainey said in a post called "Rich Hippies"

Of course you can pose pretty for pictures and be a basketcase on stage. The point is that not everyone is buying it. And that’s Sarah position on Stewart – that she’s polarising no matter what, it’s out of her control. Sarah maintains that Stewart is very, very, VERY shy, which accounts for the awkwardness and that we shouldn’t pick on a kid for being an introvert. Sasha on the other hand attributes the patented Stewart public discomfort to a case of Rich Hippy-ness which also makes a lot of sense:

“Have you ever met a white rich girl who gets dreads and wear cheap hemp clothes. It’s like they want to reject everything they are – which is RICH and ELITE – and R-patz and Kristen act all awkward and homely for that same reason. It’s annoying to me.”

Kinda like another version of Gwyneth Paltrow? Right?

As you know, if you’ve been reading my site long enough, I like Kristen Stewart. Oftentimes I’m a Stewart apologist. I find her interesting and I want to see her (other) movies. But it’s exhausting watching her so exhaustingly exhausted by the crushing burden of her fame. You ever been around one of those “artist/writer/painters” and they FEEL more than you, and they despair harder than you, and sometimes you think – holy sh-t, you are working so hard to be miserable? On some level you have to wonder if she works at being awkward, has to remind herself to NOT be comfortable, you know what I mean? The Rich Hippy takes her shoes off right after the carpet because she’s more comfortable eating tree bark than wearing leather heels.

I doubt she will run my email, so I thought would post it.


It's genuine, imo. And there are some of us who have dealt with anxiety in public without having significant underlying emotional issues. It's genetic to some degree. I think she does have some hippie nature to her, but the kind that emphasizes acceptance. I saw an interview where she said someone advised her to be more "bubbly." She said she would hate herself for doing that because she knows it wouldn't be real. If that makes her a rebel for rejecting the Hollywood culture then so what? Good for her. Kristen is very comfortable making movies but that red light indicating "live" sends a shiver down her. She recognizes it for what it is and has learned to accept it. This attitude in time makes people comfortable. Last Sunday I saw no awkwardness.

If you are referring to her not kissing her bf on live TV, I think that is a rebellion to the obsession people have about them. They aren't trying to capitalize on their situation. They are trying to live a normal life. I don't think she is saying "I'm unhappy because of this burden of fame." I think she is happy but she will never conform to the boxes that some people want her to fit into. I love this about her. It's a huge reason I am a fan. I never paid attention to celeb culture and would never read sites likes yours (no offense intended) if it wasn't for Kristen. She is one of kind. That makes some rather shallow minded critics want to drag her back to the pack and say she is no different than the rest of the famewhores.

I should defend Rob, too, but I'll let someone else do that. I do think he is genuine as well. Again, some people are either threatened or they are too shallow to accept those that don't color within the lines.


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  1. well said. that about sums it up.

  2. I completely agree with you. I think some people are not comfortable about things that they cannot explain, so they try to put them in certain boxes to make them feel better. I just don't understand why they keep on trying to solve the problem and mystery of Kristen awkwardness, just leave her alone. I still feel that nervousness whenever I am the centre of attention and I am a grown woman. Not everybody is going to be able to be well spoken and polish in public. And for a shy person like KStew, I can just imagine the effort she put into in trying to compose her nerve every time she is in such situation, which in her life is probably very often.

  3. I understand your frustration with Kristen. My daughter has the same problem. It is called performance anxiety. Just because she is not like all the other over confident Hollywood stars she gets alot of hate.Thanks to you now she will get even more. I say dont watch her or write about her if you dont like her. That will solve everything.

  4. Anon 4:27 I assume you mean Lainey's frustration with Kristen. I don't have any problems with K. Lol

  5. Lovely letter - thank you for sharing it with us. You've managed to put into words what I was thinking, but in a much more eloquent way than I'd ever be able to do.


  6. brilliant!!! thank you for doing this and writing to her! just brilliant!

  7. So true, so true, Dano. Kristen is such a genuine person (from my observation for years). No pretense, no fake smile, no bullshit, no ass-kissing speech to fans, no HW cookie-cutter. That's a very important reason taht I love her so much too!!~ I don't give a fuck for those shallow critics. It is because of them, Hollywood is so boring before Kristen.