Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Post MTVMA thoughts

Lots of nice things happened this past Sunday night. You know if you have read some of my entries here that I wouldn't not be watching this type of event --- at all --- if it weren't for the high opinion I have of Kristen Stewart.

As always, Kristen gets more beautiful every time she makes an appearance.

The only reason I know half of the names I saw is because I follow entertainment news strictly because of Kristen and I learn about others as I am trying to get to the Kristen news. Though I ignored celeb news in the past, I have always loved movies.  The names I know are now picking up the generation awards.   The class of Reese Witherspoon is something I want to touch on.   What an incredible career she has had to date.  If you haven't seen Election with Matthew Broderick, then you missed one of the better films of the 90s.     And Freeway with Keifer Sutherland.   I was so happy to see her get the Oscar for Walk the Line, a film in which she and J. Phoenix honored the life of a man I idolized. I am pleased to learn she and Kristen have struck up a friendship.   Kristen has no shortage of mentors, but Reese would be a good one.    I felt her comments (possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show) didn't strike out at anyone in particular, but rather validated/complimented the way Kristen has chosen to conduct her personal life.

My admiration for Kristen includes the people she chooses to spend her time with. I believe Robert when he said she was a great judge of character. I decided last month that I plan to avoid discussing her relationship because I don't think she wants it being discussed.  If people didn't obsess on it, then maybe she wouldn't mind.  However, when Kristen is attacked by hateful idiots I may poke fun at their stupidity as my last post did.

Like Kristen, Rob is one of a kind.  His bizarre behavior is pure and refreshing and Sunday night was classic Rob.  Why hire a media coach and ruin his natural bizarre way of thinking and acting when he is having such a good time?  It's very entertaining.  Kristen and Robert both have an integrity that one wouldn't expect to find in that group.  I want her to be happy as she embarks on a life in which I think she will entertain me and others for many years to come.  She seems very happy.   So I hope there are very few changes in the personal department.   But it's not my business.

I was disappointed in some of the reactions I saw after the Best Kiss award.  Come on!!!  Did anyone think these two would kiss on national television?  Never.   No one should have hoped for or expected that.   It's an example of people projecting their values and expectations onto people who are in a situation none of us can imagine.  Plus, the reason they won't, that reserved personality that would rather blend in than seek the spotlight, is a huge factor in why I think so highly of this young lady. 

I thought the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part I was pretty damn good. I am so looking forward to it. I have no doubts these last two movies are going to be much better than the previous three. Bella squeezing Charlie's hand set the tone of the trailer and Rob's voice over stepped it up notch. Reports from the MTVMAs had those two getting excited on stage while the trailer played. It seems they are so pumped about this movie. Kristen's ET Weekly interview on Breaking Dawn revealed allot of genuine emotion about this project. I am just as excited to see the press that will precede the release date. Then after BD Part I, we get On the Road, which might warrant some awards. It will be an amazing time for Kristen fans between October through this time next year. Then a short summer before BD part II.


  1. Yeah, I used to think entertainment news is stupid too. After discovering Kristen, entertainment column is the first thing I look at on a newspaper everyday. Sounds crazy, huh?

    Kristen is breathtakingly beautiful in MTVMA!! I agree that Reese's speech is classy. Rob & Kristen are their usual adorable selves and I love how they are not scripted. I can't help feeling a bit disappointed that they don't kiss on stage. But I know deep down they won't go for it. So I can get over my little disappointment I guess.

    I'm waiting anxiously for On The Road. Kristen will be fantastic I know it!!!

  2. Dano, great post, as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the awards because Kristen (and Rob) seemed so happy with themselves. I'm certain that they felt a bit sad at the end of filming BD but are now excited to get it out there for all of us fans to see.

    Kristen didn't seem as awkward as usual, I thought, but both her and Rob are so awkward on a live stage with an audience that it's almost painful to watch (kind of like Kristen looked when Rob was opening his mouth and inserting his foot).

    I thought the Taylor kiss was surprising and ingenious. Looking back at a video, it's easy to see that Tay was "in" on the fun. And Kristen seemed to truly enjoy it, I've never seen her look so relaxed and smiling.

    Liz in NC

  3. I kinda like the awkwardness. I laugh and think I can't believe he said that but its great that he did. When he goofs up he just keeps going rather than get all self conscious. It would be difficult to shake your confidence when you know your leaving with Kristen regardless. I missed K having her awkward moment. They are both really comfortable inside their own skin. It's obvious why.

  4. Dano,

    I agree that they are comfortable in their own skin and apparently comfortable most of the time, except when in front of a live audience and probably not comfy in front of the paps (who would be?) I love their awkwardness also and I hope they never grow out of it. It's not an age thing; look at Taylor, he's truly a gifted speaker and does speak well for the whole cast, even at 18. Also, Dakota can speak anywhere with anyone in front of millions and has no trouble, and only 17.

    God Bless Rob & Kristen.

  5. very well said... keep it coming =)))

  6. I Love Kristen Stewart. If not for her, I would not give a fleeting glance at hollywood. But she is a rare find. And you seem like a wonderful man to be able to see the great quality that she has, where other prefer to join the hate wagon and just hate this girl because of her popularity and other obscure reason. I wish many more man are like you and Rob. Thoughtful, kind with your words, preceptive.
    Thank you for being a fan of Kristen Stewart.